MAN PrimeServ New Zealand

MAN PrimeServ New Zealand

MAN PrimeServ located at Devonport on the North Shore within the Dockyard facility.

  • Sigma-Bulker

    Sigma Bulker

    The Sigma Bulker, a regular caller to New Zealand with main and Auxiliary engines serviced by MAN PrimeServ New Zealand.
  • Amaltal-Mariner

    Amaltal Mariner

    After many years of good service the Amaltal Mariner suffered a bearing failure which was repaired in New Zealand. MAN PrimeServ New Zealand arranged repair of the frame and a new crankshaft. The engine also underwent a major overhaul and returned to service with minimal downtime.

  • New-Zealand-steel

    New Zealand Steel

    MAN PrimeServ New Zealand made a major overhaul of a long serving generator in the Steel mill following problems with overheating. Despite the great age of the engine MAN PrimeServ were able to provide parts and service returning the engine to duty with much improved performance where it makes an important contribution for NZ Steel.

  • MV-San-Francisco

    MV San Francisco

    The MV San Francisco suffered an unfortunate auxiliary engine failure. MAN PrimeServ New Zealand assisted with the replacement and commissioning of the engine in the port of Auckland and in parallel carried out overhaul of the main engine turbocharger to take maximum advantage of the down time.

    MAN PrimeServ New Zealand has turbocharger cleaning and balancing facilities in its Auckland workshop.

  • Royal-New-Zealand-Navy

    Royal New Zealand Navy

    MAN PrimeServ New Zealand  have a long standing relationship with the New Zealand Navy helping to keep their vessels at the highest level of availability. We can proudly boast that MAN are a major driving force for the fleet with 3 classes of vessel powered by MAN.