MAN PrimeServ New Zealand

MAN PrimeServ New Zealand

MAN PrimeServ located at Devonport on the North Shore within the Dockyard facility.

MAN is world-wide one of the leading suppliers of turbomachinery and reactors for the oil & gas and process industry. Our turbomachinery is manufactured and packaged to our customers specifications and requirements in own production facilities in Germany and Switzerland.

MAN has a long standing history in providing highly reliable blower packages to the steel industry. The fertilizer and explosives industry in Australia is mainly relaying on nitric acid trains provided by MAN.

The local oil & gas and process industry operates MAN turbomachinery in demanding applications on and offshore.

Steam turbine generator sets for power generation range from 1 MW to about 160 MW. MAN utilises its steam turbine technology also as mechanical drive for compressors or blowers.

Compressors by MAN are customised products and engineered based on standards and modulised components. MAN compressors are manufactured and packaged in MAN workshops. High flexibility in terms of driver selection (GT, ST or EM) allows MAN to provide the most economical and sound technical solution based on our customers’ requirements.

Applying state-of-the-art technology makes MAN a front runner for a number of future technologies.