MAN PrimeServ New Zealand

MAN PrimeServ New Zealand

MAN PrimeServ located at Devonport on the North Shore within the Dockyard facility.

MAN Energy Solutions New Zealand Limited, formerly MAN Diesel & Turbo New Zealand Limited, was formed in 2015 . Prior to this MAN Diesel & Turbo New Zealand had operated as a branch office of MDT Australia since 2010.

Under various company names, MAN Energy Solutions has supported machinery in the Oceania region since early last century. The first engine associated with a predecessor company arrived in Australia in 1894, three years before Rudolf Diesel built his first successful diesel engine in Augsburg, Germany (at the factory which is now the headquarters of MAN Diesel & Turbo).

The engine was an Ackroyd-Stuart oil engine manufactured by Richard Hornsby & Sons Ltd of Grantham, UK, and it was installed in a South Australian sawmill where it had a long and successful life.

1912 marked first MAN diesel engine in Australia. This was a 4-cylinder type ALV 49 producing 400 hp, weighing some 35 tons and is reportedly still in operational condition in Cairns.

Since that time MAN Energy Solutions has continued to grow, now with around one in every two ships that visit our coast having MAN engines and a strong presence in power generation, steel production, nitric acid production, air separation, paper processing and other process industries. The Strength of our brand and the quality of the equipment we produce ensures that we will continue to grow.